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Slovenia Considering to Withhold Aid to Greece


The government gave the green light to outgoing Finance Minister Franc Krizanic to express reservations regarding the payment of the sixth tranche, which should go out by mid-November, according to the original plans.

Pahor said that Slovenia had so far given out EUR 233m in aid to Greece, while the planned sixth payment would amount to EUR 29m. This would be the final tranche, as the European Stability Mechanism is to take over Greece's case.

He said loans to Greece were guaranteed within the European Financial Stability Facility (EFSF) and would thus not be written off. Pahor added that this was not a bad investment.

Slovenia is one of the most export-oriented countries in the EU and should thus "do everything in its power to protect the euro", Pahor said.

Believing that Greece cannot overturn its decision about the referendum on austerity measures, he said that politicians would now have to closely monitor the developments, discuss the situation and act accordingly.

"We have to learn from experience that we are dependent on the outer world and that we are a part of an area that is in a severe crisis," Pahor said after the weekly cabinet session.

The Slovenian decision to express reservations is in line with decisions of a number of other eurozone countries, which announced a blockade of the payment until the outcome of the Greek referendum is known.


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