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Defence Cooperation with Austria


Jelusic hailed joined efforts in defence matters, especially in the past three years, as one of the most successful examples of good Slovenian-Austrian cooperation, one that remained unaffected by the economic crisis.

While highlighting cooperation in the training of soldiers, she pointed to joint efforts in bilateral matters as well as issues concerning Europe's foreign and security policy and cooperation in international missions.

The situation in the Western Balkans, where Slovenian and Austrian soldiers are jointly active in Kosovo and Bosnia, was given special attention by the pair today. The conclusion was that the participation of small countries in this region allowed their voice to be heard in the international community.

It was Austria's initiative, backed by Slovenia, that led the EU to extend the Altea mission in Bosnia, Darbos and Jelusic stressed, arguing for the presence in Bosnia of reserve units from countries that are located nearby.

They moreover called for political and diplomatic efforts in Kosovo and for a comprehensive solution that will lead to peace, cooperation and stability in the Western Balkans, Jelusic said.

Darabos labelled as revolutionary the idea - produced by the pair today - of using in Kosovo as operative reserves EU battle groups, which EU members have been training for years without ever using them on the ground.


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