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Magnifico sells record number of tickets for online Christmas concert

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Ljubljana - Pop singer Magnifico will not let down his fans this Christmas despite the Covid-19 epidemic and will stage his annual 25th December concert, which is usually held at Stožice Arena, online. Ticket sale is record-breaking, his team said on Thursday. Listeners from more than ten countries will tune in.

Magnifico has filled Slovenia's biggest concert venue, Stožice Arena with almost 12,500 seats, for three years in succession on Christmas Day, but this year it seems that much more people will attend the online concert, according to his team.

The concert will be broadcast live from Magnifico's studio Dom Svobode and will create a more intimate Christmas atmosphere.

After the concert, the singer will offer some kitsch-romantic-disco music to his fans as DJ MGNF.

"This concert will be an experiment for me and my team and I'm delighted seeing the response. This gives our work meaning," the singer was quoted as saying by his team.


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