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Welcome to a new era of innovative professional education!


For several months now, in the background of the biggest health and economic crisis in the history of Slovenia, innovative blockchain platform, Sacret Life, has been a generator for specific expert video content, the foundation for a completely new paradigm. Among all of the activities, there is the HReset project, which promotes a healthy view on the business environment, interpersonal relationships and offers unconventional views on employment and HR processes in the country.

Anja Žibert, Lead Project Manager, says: Let me use a quote from the famous author Mark Sandborn: "Anyone, anywhere can make a positive change!" We decided to make this change to the HR field in Slovenian companies. Years of experience in communication on the part of employers and on the part of those who are looking for new career opportunities, have shown that there is a concrete gap between what one wants to say and what the other understands. Our purpose is not only to point out what is wrong in these processes, but we want to offer concrete information about how it could be better. In a way, we are also setting new standards for professional education because we are creating content based on the so-called "bottom up" approach - every HR expert who wants to contribute to positive change has the opportunity to participate."

HReset is the umbrella brand of a series of professional (online) events (online talk shows, livestream event, meetings, conferences, congresses, ..), where the main purpose is to systematically empower the target audience with information and expertise, connect experts (HR professionals, recruitment agencies, business coaches, leaders,...) and support them in their efforts to "reset" employment processes in Slovenia and internationally (especially the SEE region). The concept of events also offers an innovative opportunity to connect talent with companies. In addition to professional events, the Hreset project also provides top professional training for companies (management, sales, finance, HR,...). In 2021 there will also be a launch of the complete HReset Academy.

Designing exclusive content for specific target groups, exchanging professional knowledge, creating a new generation of HR personnel in companies with high levels of self-awareness and a readiness to grow, strengthening employer brands, setting standards for employee value proposition and overall building strong bridge between (mindful) employers and career opportunity seekers. All of these are the higher goals of the HReset projects.

"As part of the HReset events, with leading domestic and international HR experts, from month to month, we discover the mysterious veils of outdated business practices and models and spread the awareness and success of a new (sustainable) HR system which puts the human capital of every individual and genuine interrelationships at the forefront. "


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