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13th Portorož Business Conference


In recent decades, hyper-globalisation has been emphasising the following dilemma: setting up global regulatory frameworks and global governance or returning to the nation state and protectionist measures. While there is not much hope for the setting up of the first, the second can be fatal - at least for small countries such as Slovenia. Its interest should be focused in taking advantage of the open economy. Is an alternative in the form of imaginary measures, based on a diagnosis of events and eliminating the key limitations of reaching structural shifts from less into more productive activities, therefore possible?

Experimentation and creativity in policies are essential, and transparency and credibility are the conditions for harmonised operations of individuals and social groups. Slovenia and other countries of South-Eastern Europe have problems in virtually all of the above-mentioned areas. Among all sectors, the most exposed is the financial sector. Can improvement be expected in the foreseeable future?

prof. dr. Janez Prašnikar, Programme Director


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