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Finance critical of govt approach to restrictions

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Ljubljana - The government's tightening and relaxing coronavirus restrictions in recent weeks is reminiscent of trial and error, the business newspaper Finance says in Monday's commentary What Does This Button Do?

We could go to a shop to buy food, toys and cosmetics but not socks, and if scarves and balaclavas were OK last spring, only face masks are OK now.

Some shops opened and some others opened two days later, while the majority had to close again a few days later. "And nobody knows what we are in for after New Year's".

Finance says it is not easy to follow all these instructions, let lone plan work, order inventories or do business.

"Instead of having a plan on the basis of which we could at least partly expect what follows, we seem to get a new experiment every few days."

Nevertheless, good news was broken a week ago when Brussels approved the first Covid-19 vaccine and the first residents were vaccinated yesterday.

"If we can now see the light at the end of the tunnel already, we should not forget the time in between when smart decisions will be needed, regardless of who is in government," says Finance.


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