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Half of Slovenians would get vaccinated as soon as possible

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Ljubljana - Half of Slovenians taking part in an online survey are willing to be vaccinated against Covid-19 when this becomes possible, while another poll showed that a third of the respondents intend to get vaccinated.

A total of 20% intend to get vaccinated definitely and another 29.5% will probably get vaccinated. 31% will probably not get vaccinated and 19% will definitely not get vaccinated.

Although 55% said vaccination should be mandatory for health and care home workers, 31% are against compulsory vaccination for the two groups. Another 14% gave "I don't know" for an answer.

Almost 10% of the respondents have already been infected with the SARS-CoV-2 virus and 82% personally know somebody who has been infected.

A large majority (61%) trust experts on vaccination, followed by articles written by exerts or research results (54%), with another 46% trusting the National Institute of Public Health.

The smallest share (7%) trust alternative explanations available on social media, whereas 21% trust the government, 26% daily newspapers and 33% radio and TV.

The respondents consider a ban on cross-municipal travel the most unpleasant coronavirus restriction (56%), followed by school and kindergarten closure (47%).

Social distancing meanwhile emerged the least disturbing measure (8%).

The survey was carried out among 516 members of the JazVem website between 21 and 22 December by pollster Valicon, University of Maribor students, and the national Covid-19 tracker site.

A survey carried out by Mediana for the newspaper Delo meanwhile shows a third of the respondents intend to get vaccinated and slightly less than a quarter are still unsure. Over 42% however said they would not opt for vaccination.

Almost 83% agree that after health workers, it should be the elderly's turn for vaccination; the majority of elderly at care homes were vaccinated on Sunday, while those at home are yet to be vaccinated. Almost 11% were unsure which group should come after health staff.

Pollster Mediana surveyed 504 adults between 21 and 22 December.


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