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Despite SMC snub, Erjavec plans vote of no confidence


Ljubljana - Karl Erjavec, the leader of the Pensioners' Party (DeSUS) and the centre-left opposition's candidate for prime minister, plans to push ahead with a vote of no confidence despite being snubbed by the Modern Centre Party (SMC), without whose votes he does not have the majority.

The SMC council decided yesterday it did not support Erjavec, but he said the decision was not about support for him, it was about the policy pursued by the current government.

Speaking for TV Slovenija and POP TV on Thursday, he said he hoped SMC deputies were "mature enough" to realize what their responsibility is and expects things to "clarify" in the coming days.

Erjavec, who enjoys the support of parties forming the so-called Constitutional Arch Coalition (KUL), had initially said a motion of no confidence would be submitted before the end of the year.

Now, he said a meeting with the presidents of KUL parties was scheduled for next week and he will propose that the parties collect the signatures of their 43 MPs in support of his candidacy for prime minister, and then perhaps count on SMC deputies.

He believes the possibility of a new government being formed will have been ruled out by the middle of January. Should that happen, he thinks a snap election is likely since he does not believe "the SMC can withstand the pressure exerted by the biggest party".

Should a snap vote be held, the KUL coalition will contest the election as a united bloc.


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