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Slovenia's Lampič sixth in sprint in Val Müstair


St. Moritz - Although Slovenian cross-country skier Anamarija Lampič crossed the finish line second in the women's World Cup freestyle sprint event in Val Müstair, Switzerland on Friday, she was subsequently knocked down to the sixth place for standing in the way of a fellow competitor.

In the finish line, Lampič was second only to Linn Svahn of Sweden, who won the event 0.54 seconds ahead of the Slovenian, but the competition jury relegated her to the last, sixth place in the finals.

"I clearly deserved the second place! After the race, they came to me with the information that I'm in the sixth place, that I was obstructing the Swiss, but if you ask me, I overtook her before the curve, I was ahead of her."

After that, I cannot look what is going on behind me. There was no contact, and the International Ski Federation (FIS) disappointed me a lot," Lampič said, adding that she would try to show her anger in tomorrow's race.

Had Lampič not been penalised, she would have won her eighth podium finish in the World Cup. Her best career result is team sprint silver at the world Championships in Austria's Seefeld in 2019.

The second Slovenian in the race, Eva Urevc, dropped out in the quarter-finals for the final 22nd place.

In the men's race, Slovenia's Vili Črv (43rd) and Janez Lampič (65th) were eliminated in the qualifiers.


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