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Delo says quarter of population victim of govt's bad planning

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Ljubljana - Since they are not capable of planning, the Slovenian authorities had been inspiring the one quarter of the Slovenian population involved in the education system with false hope that things would start to normalise as of new year, Delo says in its front-page commentary on Monday.

"Half a million people - students, their parents, teachers and school staff - are waiting," the newspaper says under the headline New Year, Old Problems.

On Independence and Unity Day on 26 December, government spokesman Jelko Kacin told them to be prepared as teachers would be rapid-tested on Saturday and Sunday, after which the best-case scenario, according to Education Minister Simona Kustec, would be the opening of primary schools for the first three grades.

Instead of presenting a short-term policy on how the return to school will be implemented, Kustec was apologetic at the end of last year, saying that she was angry at herself because this plan could not be realised.

"Instead of talking about the distress of a quarter of the population that cannot rely on any forecast, the last news of the year 2020 was the distress of the minister who is not up to her task," Delo adds.

The troubles with announcements and their cancellations could perhaps be understood if the epidemiological situation was dynamic, but since the beginning of November it has been constant - it has been constantly bad.

This means that things are predictable and enable planning, but planning requires some common sense. "As people socialised more after the start of holidays than they had been since the beginning of November, the epidemic will be given a new impetus."

Serious countries that are not ashamed of planning had been extending New Year's holidays, while the Slovenian authorities had given people false hope that things would start to normalise as of new year, the commentary concludes.


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