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Research and Development Spending at 2.1%


The second biggest investor was the state, which earmarked EUR 263.1m or 35% of total R&D funds. Some EUR 44.8m was invested from abroad.

R&D investments from businesses were up EUR 81.4m or 19 percentage points year-on-year, state investments were up eight percentage points, while investments from abroad picked up by 13 percentage points.

The biggest sums were invested in technical and technological research, accounting for 48% of total R&D. Some 38% went into natural sciences, while a mere 1% of the funds was invested in agricultural research.

There were nearly 18,000 people employed in R&D in Slovenia in 2010, however only 62% of them were researchers.

The biggest number of Slovenian researchers were employed in higher education institutions (80%); the government employed 67%, while businesses employed 46% of Slovenia's researchers.


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