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Researcher Hodnik receives new ERC grant

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Ljubljana - Researcher Nejc Hodnik of the Chemistry Institute has acquired a grant from the European Research Centre' (ERC) Proof of Concept programme to test the commercial potential of his work in the field of hydrogen fuel cell catalysts.

The proof of concept grants are available only to researchers who had already received an ERC grant, the Chemistry Institute noted in a press release on Friday, adding that Hodnik had acquired an ERC Starting Grant in 2019.

Having received the proof of concept grant, Hodnik will be able to make the first steps in making production procedure for better and modern hydrogen fuel cell catalysts commercially available.

The grant covers the development, patent protection, market analysis, potential partner links and the first steps to make the scientific findings more widely available, the press release said.

Hodnik's project, titled StableCat is based on the results of his first and ongoing ERC project, titled 123STABLE, which explores the changes in atomic structure of nanoparticles in electro catalysts in low-temperature fuel cells and electrolyzers.

Results of this work will serve as the basis for new stable structures in catalyst nanoparticles for the purpose of development of better and more modern catalysts.

Hodnik's project placed 9th in the Proof of Concept selection. Only 55 out of 205 bids were granted funds.


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