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Gas explosion at Celje bus terminal injures three persons


Celje - An explosion at the main bus station in the city of Celje, north-east of Ljubljana, at around 12.30pm today was caused by a gas leakage and injured three people. While they were all taken to the local hospital, none of them has suffered serious injuries.

Energetika Celje, the local energy utility, said that the gas started to leak due to a flawed valve on a gas pipe at the coach terminal.

Janko Požežnik, commander of the Celje Fire Brigade, told the STA that the explosion occurred due to a high concentration of gas.

He said the material damage was considerable as the blast had broken many windows, while the entire bus terminal was being inspected and aired.

Celje Police Department spokesperson Milena Trbulin told the STA that three persons had been injured.

The victims have suffered contusions from the blast, the Celje Hospital said, adding that only two of them would need to be hospitalised.

Energetika Celje workers checking the site of the explosion and a broader gas network have not discovered any other problems.

The police investigation involving a state prosecutor and an investigative judge is still ongoing, while citizens were urged not to approach the site.


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