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A Centre of Excellence in Mountain Combat


"NATO recognised Slovenia in 2004 as a possible market niche for the development of mountain combat," the head of the centre, Colonel Bostjan Blaznik, told today's event, adding that every military operation included elements of mountain combat.

The four countries will join forces in order to make progress in the activities of the centre - development of doctrine and standardisation, education and training, according to Blaznik.

"This is a very ambitious and difficult task, but with the right networking in the national and international environment we expect that the goal of establishing a NATO centre in 2015 will be achieved," he added.

The commander of the Doctrine, Development, Educational and Training Command, Brigadier Bojan Pograjc, who signed the agreement on behalf of Slovenia, said he expected that "out initiative for the multinational centre for mountain combat will live on".

The centre remains open for new members, and Croatia has already announced possible membership in 2012. Serious candidates for membership are also Germany, Turkey and Canada.

Since its establishment in 1996, around 1,600 soldiers from 19 countries have been trained at the centre. The centre's services are to be expanded beyond Slovenia's borders, expectedly to SE Europe.


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