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Valicon poll shows people becoming more inclined to get vaccinated

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Ljubljana - More than two thirds of respondents in the most recent Valicon survey do not trust the rapid antigen tests used across the country. The people's trust in the government's anti-coronavirus measures continues to slide, while the number of those who intend to get vaccinated is rising, the survey suggests.

With two thirds of the respondents saying they do not trust the tests, over 25% said they do not trust them "at all". Less than a third said they trusted the tests and 2% said they had a high level of trust for the tests.

A total of 76% of the respondents told the pollster they would not get a rapid test in the coming days, with a third saying they would definitely not get tested and 43% saying they were unlikely to get tested. On the other hand, 7% said they would definitely get tested and 16% said they would likely get tested.

The pollster also found that the share of people worried about the situation persisting had grown by 15 percentage points over late December to 71%.

The share of those deeming business measures by the government "more unsuitable" exceeded 40% for the first time, while the share of those disapproving the measures in general grew by 7 percentage points to 49%.

The level of disapproval for the government continued to worsen, going from -44 in late December to -55. The share of those who do not trust the government at all has reached 41%, the most since August 2020.

The survey also suggests that Slovenians are growing more inclined to get vaccinated against the coronavirus. 51% of the respondents said they had already been vaccinated or intended to do so, a slight increase over two weeks ago.

The survey was conducted between 8 and 10 January on a sample of 546 people.


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