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DeSUS MPs contribute signatures for proposal to oust govt


Ljubljana - All four MPs of the Pensioners's Party (DeSUS), which left the government coalition in December, have contributed their signatures in support of a motion of no-confidence in the Janez Janša government, DeSUS leader Karl Erjavec said after a six-hour talk with the MPs on Tuesday. He said the motion would be filed to parliament on Friday.

This means the informal Constitutional Arch Coalition (KUL), which brings together five left-leaning parties in a bid to oust the government, has 43 votes secured.

However, 46 votes are needed in a secret ballot to vote a government out of office, or to vote in a prime minister-designate, in KUL's case Erjavec.

KUL thus counts on potential votes from the coalition, particularly the centrist Modern Centre Party (SMC).

Erjavec said he would meet the other members of KUL - the Marjan Šarec List (LMŠ), Social Democrats (SD), the Left and the Alenka Bratušek Party (SAB) - tomorrow.

The four parties had already supported him as a candidate for prime minister-designate and pledged to contribute the votes.

Erjavec described the six-hour debate with DeSUS MPs as frank. He believes the vote of no-confidence will succeed and that KUL will manage to form a new government.

The debate also featured a debate on DeSUS's status in a new government; apart from the prime minister-designate, the party would like to have another minister.

However, Erjavec said details were a matter to be discussed once the vote of no-confidence succeeded, adding that SMC votes were needed.

Today's debate was key because following DeSUS exit from the government on 18 December, DeSUS's five MPs did not make their position fully clear.

One of the MPs was meanwhile expelled from the party, having opposed the party's move to leave the coalition.


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