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Slovenia to get EUR 3.2 million to offset Brexit impact


Brussels - The European Commission has unveiled a proposal on allocating financial aid from the EU fund to offset the impact of Brexit. EUR 3.2 million has been set aside for Slovenia out of a total of EUR 4.2 billion expected to be disbursed in 2021.

The funds are to be distributed based on the expected impact on the economy of EU member states. The support aims to help the worst hit countries and economic sectors in facing economic and social consequences of the UK's departure from the EU.

Slovenia's share is the smallest in the bloc, standing at EUR 3.2 million, shows a table posted by EU Commissioner for Cohesion Elisa Ferreira this week.

Ireland is set to be awarded the most, more than EUR 1 billion, followed by the Netherlands (EUR 757 million), Germany (EUR 455 million) and France (EUR 420 million).

The fund seeks to help sectors, companies and local communities, including those depending on fishing in UK waters, as well as to support job-retention or recruitment schemes, and efforts to ensure the functioning of border and customs controls and security.

The proposal is yet to be endorsed by member states and the European Parliament.


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