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Anti-graft watchdog determines breach of integrity in ex-minister case


Ljubljana - The Commission for the Prevention of Corruption has determined a breach of integrity and provisions banning the accepting of gifts in a case concerning Aleksandra Pivec, the former minister of agriculture. Pivec disagrees with such an interpretation of the decision.

The watchdog's conclusion comes after an investigation of two visits to the coastal region in 2019 and 2020 in which she reportedly mixed business with family matters and which ultimately led to her resignation first as Pensioners' Party leader in September and then as agriculture minister in October.

While the Commission is barred from releasing its findings until the matter is resolved in a final capacity, it decided to make a statement after a social media group in support of Pivec said media that she had been cleared of wrongdoing, and Pivec herself said so on Twitter.

The Commission responded by saying that the message by the group was "selective" and "does not reflect the entirety of the facts of the matter".

It said it was prevented by the law from disclosing the details, but "there are no reservations as to why Aleksandra Pivec herself should not publicly present the findings of the case."

Pivec retorted on Twitter that it was inadmissible institutions of the state "violate legislative provisions and encroach on the constitutional rights of individuals by disregarding the law and selectively presenting their findings."


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