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Slovenia to receive 25% less Pfizer vaccine next week

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Celje - Slovenia will receive 20-25% less Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine than planned on Monday due to production adjustments at Pfizer, Health Ministry State Secretary Marija Magajne told the press on Saturday. This means the first-dosage vaccination will be delayed, and the whole vaccination plan will need to be adjusted.

Thus, the vaccination that was planned for next week could stretch to February or March, said Magajne, who visited the Celje general hospital today.

In the face of revelations that Covid-19 vaccination at the Ljubljana Faculty of Medicine was extended to persons who are not staff members, the state secretary reiterated that not a single dose of the vaccine must be wasted and that once ready for use, the vaccine must be used within six hours.

She said all institutions where vaccination had been conducted so far had used the shots in line with recommendations. Health inspectors checked the process and found no major irregularities, she said.

Magajne noted the interest for vaccination among medical workers was rising.

She praised the tackling of the coronavirus situation of the Celje hospital, which had 130 Covid-19 patients this morning, including 18 in intensive care unit.


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