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Bad weather keeps skiers away from ski slopes


Ljubljana - Ski centres in nine of Slovenia's twelve statistical regions reopened on Saturday, but only a handful of skiers could be seen on the ski slopes, possibly because of the bad weather and the fact that they have to produce a negative coronavirus test no older than 24 hours and carried out in Slovenia.

Vogel in the north-west had a few skiers in the morning, but Aleksandra Fiorelli, a director at the ski centre, said that given the weather, they had not expected many.

"It's raining in the valley, snowing on the ski slopes, it is clod and windy. It's real winter," she told the STA.

Nevertheless, they had called in furloughed workers to prepare the ski lifts and the ski slopes.

The situation is similar on Krvavec. "After two to three lost weeks of snow, this is a bad weekend," said Luka Vrančič from RTC Krvavec.

Fewer skiers also came to Kranjska Gora, whereas Pohorje in the north-east is happy with the visit numbers, considering the bad weather.

"Given that we had rain in the morning, we must be happy with visitor numbers, although this is no typical weekend with a thousand or mores skiers on the slopes."

Some 60 skiers were counted on Pohorje by 10am, explained Marprom director Bernard Majhenič.

Some ski centres, such as Pohorje, organised testing at the entry point to their ski slopes, Vogel skiers have to stop in the valley in Bohinjska Bistrica to get tested, and those coming to Krvavec have to get organised themselves.

Testing is not compulsory for children aged 12 or less if they ski with their parents. It is also not mandatory for professional athletes, coaches and other staff needed for training sessions and competitions.


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