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Left mulling no-confidence vote against education minister

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Ljubljana - The opposition Left is working on a motion to dismiss Education Minister Simona Kustec because the government has decided to close schools in two regions next week after only four days of in-person education.

Education and children's needs have never been the government's priority, the party said in a written statement on Thursday.

It said it was working on the interpellation motion against Kustec together with fellow opposition parties.

Kindergartens and primary schools for children in the first three forms reopened on Tuesday in nine of Slovenia's 12 statistical regions.

However, since two regions no longer meet the red-designation criteria for relaxation of Covid-19 restrictions, the government decided today to close schools there next week.

"The ineptitude of the Janaz Janša government has again resurfaced. After schools and kindergartens were closed for three months, the longest in Europe, schools are closing after only four days of in-person teaching, while remaining closed in three regions where schools have not even reopened yet," the Left wrote.

The party believes Kustec's ineptitude is no lesser than the government's, arguing she did nothing in the summer to prepare schools for the second wave of the epidemic.

"Information and guidelines coming from the Education Ministry are changing on a daily basis, the ministry has absolutely no plan of addressing social issues and setbacks in learning caused by school closure."

A possibility of filing an interpellation motion against Kustec was being mentioned last week when four left-leaning opposition parties filed a motion to dismiss Labour Minister Janez Cigler Kralj.

The Left and other centre-left opposition parties have indicated a similar motion could also follow against Culture Minister Vasko Simoniti after one has already been proposed against Labour Minister Janez Cigler Kralj.


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