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Elan unveils first foldable carving skis in the world

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Begunje na Gorenjskem - The sports goods maker Elan has presented its new product, Elan Voyager, a pair of highly-efficient versatile foldable carving skis, the first such innovative product in the world. The new skis will facilitate access to steep slopes and change the future of skiing, said Elan at Monday's online presentation.

Elan Voyager being foldable will change the outlook on ski equipment and its transport, said Leon Korošec, the head of Elan's winter division.

"Voyager makes the skiing experience easier," he added, noting that urban ski enthusiasts would find it easier now to pop over to the countryside for a quick descent down the slopes. Moreover, the size of the folded skis is in line with airline luggage restrictions.

Apart from being foldable, the skis deliver in every other respect as well, said Korošec, noting that Elan Voyager was superior recreational carving skis.

The technology required for such a product has been based on the already established military folding skis and Elan Connect technology.

The development took about four years. Korošec is certain the innovation will prove popular in the skiing world.

Elan has been the leading innovator in the industry for 75 years and Voyager technology ups the game further, the company said.

There have been attempts at creating folding skis for general use, however until Elan's product none were successful. A limited edition of Elan Voyager will be available already this season.

The pandemic is to affect Elan's business, however the company, whose trademark is present around the world, expects to mitigate the loss by faring well in markets where ski resorts are not closed, including the US and Canada.


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