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Digital showroom to accompany Slovenia's EU presidency

Science & Technology

Ljubljana - As Slovenia presides the Council of the EU in the second half of this year, a digital showroom set up in Ljubljana's largest commercial district will be seeking to bring technology closer to business, individuals and organisations.

The project, involving the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology, SPIRIT agency, Digital Innovation Hub (DIH) Slovenia and shopping district operator BTC, will focus on all major aspects of modern technologies from energy to supercomputers.

One of the priorities of Slovenia's presidency will be the EU's recovery based on the bloc's digital and green transition, where inclusion of sustainable development principles in business models and digital transformation of small and medium-sized businesses will be promoted, said DIH in a press release.

The digital showroom, operational from July to the end of December at BTC City, will thus allow businesses to link internationally, to showcase in dedicated theme sections, and take part in matchmaking events and policymaking debates. It will also allow foreign business and political delegations to hold presentations.

Invited to take part are start-ups, businesses, NGOs, universities, research institutions, business associations and experts in the fields of society 5.0, digitalisation, artificial intelligence, robotics, innovation, supercomputers, cyber security and other innovative technologies, mobility, energy and digital skills.

The project, which is being backed by the European Regional Development Fund, will feature a showroom, both digital and events space, and sections dedicated to development and professionals, and an educational section aimed at the broader public.


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