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Slovenian company develops electric wheelbarrow

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Kanal - The Ljubljana-based start-up Blockhapp has developed and manufactured an innovative electric wheelbarrow. The product dubbed Karjola features 15 technological innovations that have already been patented. The company is now waiting for a certificate to start sale on the European market.

The development and production of the product took place in the facilities of the company Levpast in the village of Levpa in the Kanal ob Soči municipality, which recently moved its production abroad.

The head of the project Marko Makarovič attracted company staff as well as young local engineers and students to take part in the project.

In order to create a wheelbarrow that makes transporting loads easier for the user, the team first had to make adjustments to the framework, where all the electro components are installed.

Then they programmed the steering unit that controls the electro motor through sensors.

The speed of the wheelbarrow is adjusted on its handle using just one finger.

The electro motors help the user take the load upwards while they also slow down when going downwards. The energy created this way helps charge the battery.

The maximum speed of the wheelbarrow is 12 kilometres per hour for going forward and 4 km/h for going backwards. Its lithium battery should be enough for 10 hours of use. The maximum load is 100 kilograms.


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