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DeSUS executive committee expects party MPs to back no-confidence motion


Ljubljana - The executive committee of the Pensioners' Party (DeSUS) said on Thursday it expected DeSUS MPs to back a vote of no confidence in the Janez Janša government and DeSUS head Karl Erjavec as candidate for prime-minister designate.

"We've agreed that DeSUS is united again, as we expected and that we will all respect the decisions of both the executive committee and the party council," Anton Urh, the chair of the executive committee, told the press after today's committee session.

The session was also attended by two of the party's four MPs, the head of the deputy group, Franc Jurša, and MP Jurij Lep. Neither of them made statements.

MPs Ivan Hršak and Branko Simonovič excused themselves for health reasons, Erjavec said.

The vote of no confidence in the government is on the National Assembly's agenda on Monday and Erjavec is counting on the support of DeSUS MPs.

He said that at least two of them had already demonstrated this support by signing the first no-confidence motion in January, which was later withdrawn because of epidemic-related absences in parliament.

Erjavec did not provide a clear answer today as to what the role of DeSUS will be if the no-confidence vote fails.


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