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More Hydro Plants on Sava Confirmed


The agreement on the project envisages ten plants on the Sava in the Ljubljana basin and the Zasavje valley, with the start of construction for three of them - Suhadol, Trbovlje and Renke - announced for the second half of 2013.

The finalisation of the project, also including the Tacen, Gameljne, Sentjakob, Zalog, Jevnica, Kresnica, and Ponovice plants - is expected within 20 to 22 years or 15 to 17 if construction can be secured at two sites simultaneously.

HSE director general Matjaz Janezic assessed at the signing in Trbovlje that this was an important national project, securing a boost to power production without an increase in CO2 emissions.

Gen energija boss Martin Novsak moreover pointed to the improved power supply independence of the country, to improved flooding safety, the securing of drinking water and use of water for economic purposes and the addressing of the problem of Sava's sinking river bed.

Also highlighted were benefits for the home industry, for employment and regional development, and the diversification of supply.

The share of HSE in the project will be 60%, while Gen energija will have 10% and Savske elektrarne Ljubljana 30%.


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