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DaiBau raises fresh funds

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Ljubljana - DaiBau, a Slovenian start-up that runs portals in multiple countries where investors can link up with building contractors, has received fresh funding from the German chemical company Henkel to build out its platform.

Henkel made the investment via its subsidiary Adhesive Technologies. The scale of the investment has not been disclosed beyond the companies saying on Wednesday it was a seven-figure amount.

The company operates portals in Austria, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Switzerland and Romania with a combined 65,000 contractors and 260,000 users.

DaiBau's co-founder and general manager, Martin Pelcl, sees the Henkel investment as a means of strengthening the company's market position in the region.

"In the current dynamic growth conditions [...] it is important to have strong partners that bring know-how, experience and professionalism," he said.

Henkel plans to leverage the investment to accelerate its digitalisation strategy since it will gain better insight into the needs of users and contractors.

"Our wish is that, together with DaiBau, we upgrade the platform and facilitate access to innovative solutions for various groups of users," Henkel's global head of marketing Adrian Orbea said.

DaiBau was founded in Maribor under a different name in 2013. It has grown from a local platform to a regional player that currently has a 52-strong workforce.


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