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Brussels takes Slovenia to court over waste water directive, issues warning about e-tolling


Brussels - The European Commission has taken Slovenia to court for failure to comply with the directive concerning urban waste water treatment. The country has also received a formal notice for not complying with the EU's electronic tolling rules.

Under the urban waste water directive, EU members must provide an adequate system for collecting and treating waste water in urban areas with 10,000 or more residents.

The areas of Ljubljana, Trbovlje, Kočevje and Loka have not yet met the requirements for urban waste water collection.

The areas of Kočevje, Trbovlje and Loka also fail to meet some additional demands related to waste water treatment, according to the Commission's assessment.

The Commission sent Slovenia the first warning - a formal notice - over the directive in February 2017, following it up with a reasoned opinion in March 2019.

The Commission has assessed that despite steps taken to eliminate the shortcomings, full compliance has not yet been achieved, so it launched proceedings at the EU's Court of Justice.

The formal notice or the first warning regarding e-tolling meanwhile concerns the interoperability of electronic road toll systems and the Commission's decision on European electronic tolling and related technical features.

The Commission called on Slovenia to accept European Electronic Tolling Service (EETS) providers on Slovenian roads subject to tolling. The country has two months to respond to the Commission's formal notice.

Slovenia's national motorway company DARS has, in line with a 2004 concession contract with the state, the status of a toll collector as set down by the EU's directive and the decision.

DARS also says on its website that the DARSGo tolling system implemented in April 2018 for cargo vehicles is technologically compliant with the EU requirements.


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