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Paper hopes govt will come clear with measures for restaurants

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Ljubljana - The scandal of Economy Minister Zdravko Počivalšek attending a meeting in a restaurant and the subsequent cover-up has shown the modus operandi of the current government - when a coalition politician makes a mistake, the government does everything in its power to set laws and measures anew, Dnevnik says in Saturday's commentary.

It was a scandal not only because the minister showed that he is above other citizens who are not able to go to restaurants, but also because the officials who have been salvaging the situation have opened a new front with different interpretations of measures for closure of the hospitality sector.

"The front which points to the interesting organisation of our politics: a politician of the ruling coalition makes a mistake, and the government does everything in its power to set laws and measures anew. As if they were mocking us," the newspaper says.

"Perhaps this is actually good in a way: the state will now finally have to say what it means with measures in the hospitality sector," Dnevnik adds under the headline Risky Saving Private Počivalšek.

"Are restaurants open only for Počivalšek, [Prime Minister Janez] Janša and the chosen ones? If they are, which restaurants they can visit? And if they are visiting them, what they can eat there. Sandwiches or warm dishes also."

In what cases restaurants will be open for ordinary people? When and what we can eat there?", the paper wonders, and expresses the hope that it will not be only about saving politicians, but also about the interests of restaurant owners and citizens.


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