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Janša Offered to Resign as Party President


The executive committee meeting was held a day after the opposition party lost the general election to Positive Slovenia, although projections had been announcing a clear victory for the SDS.

While agreeing with the view that the result was not a success, the committee declined the offer unanimously and rejected "all hypocritical calls of self-proclaimed soul carers from outside the party to change its leadership." The committee believes there is no need to call an extraordinary party congress.

"The SDS does not take orders from Forum 21 nor from Forum 571," the press release said, referring to a left-leaning forum established by former President Milan Kucan, who endorsed Positive Slovenia, and to 571 signatories of a 2007 journalist petition accusing Jansa's 2004-2008 government of trying to control the media.

The committee believes that the election result shocked many Slovenians. "Many of those who did not go to the polls because they believed the vote was already decided felt on Sunday evening that some of Slovenia's basic values are in jeopardy..."

The press release adds that the SDS wants to see a government formed as soon as possible and hopes that Slovenia will be willing to support the party's constitutional changes that are to shorten the government formation procedures.

The SDS also said that it does not expect an invitation from Positive Slovenia leader Zoran Jankovic for coalition talks.


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