The Slovenia Times

Slovenian February temperature records broken


Ljubljana - A heat wave that has engulfed large swathes of Europe has broken or equalised several February temperature records in Slovenia. The highest temperatures measured today was in Osilnica in south Slovenia, where the mercury hit 23.1 degrees Celsius.

The Osilnica reading is the same as in 29 February 1960, but many other weather stations recorded all-time highs, including Kočevje (20.4 degrees), Babno Polje (19.2 degrees) and Davča (18.7 degrees).

On Mount Nanos, a 1,250-metre peak, the weather station measured an all-time high for February of 12.6 degrees, the Environment Agency said.

The warm weather will continue on Wednesday and Thursday and the forecast indicates it will be in excess of 20 degrees in many parts of the country.


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