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Movement restriction and ban on gatherings in coastal region from Saturday

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Ljubljana - Any gatherings are banned in the coastal Obalno-Kraška region from Saturday and travel between this region and others is restricted to work- and health-related reasons, the government decreed at Thursday's correspondence session. The current level of restrictions remains in force in the rest of the country.

The exemptions from the restriction on inter-regional movement in the case of the coastal region include commute to or from work, travel for business purposes, commercial farming and forestry work, or travel required to deal with direct threats to health, life or property.

Travel to or from the coastal region is also allowed to maintain contacts with one's children, to care for or help a person in need or a family member or to access health and spa services and pharmacies if needed.

People visiting foreign diplomatic or consular offices, or accessing emergency services or judicial and administrative services will also be exempt from the ban.

Other exemptions include those seeking services for people with special needs, people seeing to a property, people transiting the coastal region to cross the border or travel to their home region and people who need to perform urgent maintenance work on a grave.

The exceptions also apply to close family members or members of the same household when travelling together.

Provided they heed precaution protocols, crossing the borders of the region is also permitted for people with a Covid-19 vaccination certificate, a negative coronavirus test, PCR or rapid, no older than 48 hours, or a document attesting they tested positive more than 21 days but less than six months ago, or a GP's confirmation that the person has recovered from Covid-19 earlier than half a year ago.

The test results are valid if they were produced in EU member states or Schengen countries or by third country organisations or individuals cleared by the Institute of Microbiology and Immunology and National Laboratory of Health, Environment and Food.

In other regions, gatherings of up to ten persons remain permitted. The 9pm-6am curfew remains in force across the country.


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