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Mazej Kukovic as 8th Slovenian MEP


Vinko Gorenak of the SDS said before the vote that the December plenary session of the European Parliament is set to begin on Monday, and it would be only right that all Slovenian MEPs take part in it.

He moreover noted that Mazej Kukovic should take part in the allocation of posts in the European parliamentary committees, which will take place in January.

Silven Majhenic of the National Party (SNS) stressed that all Slovenian MEPs should be in the parliament at the time of Europe's struggle against the crisis.

After she was confirmed, Mazej Kukovic told the STA that she was happy to see such unity in the National Assembly today. She said that she would do her best in "the fields she is familiar with", listing economy, environmental protection and health.

But her reach will depend on the fact which committees she will be able to get into, Mazej Kukovic said, pointing out that she and 17 other new MEPs will be joining the parliament in the middle of the term.

In line with the European elections from 2009 Mazej Kukovic was first in line for the additional seat granted to Slovenia as part of the European Parliament's enlargement on 1 December after the ratification of changes to the Lisbon Treaty by all EU member states.

She will join Milan Zver (EPP/SDS), Romana Jordan Cizelj (EPP/SDS), Lojze Peterle (EPP/NSi), Tanja Fajon (S&D/SD), Mojca Kleva (S&D/SD), Jelko Kacin (Alde/LDS) and Ivo Vajgl (Alde/Zares).


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