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31% of Female MPs Major Breakthrough


In the new parliament, the interest of more social groups will be represented and women will have a greater say in the society's development processes, the office said in a press release.

The outcome of this election has shown that women are ready to enter politics and that the law introducing obligatory gender quotas for parties' lists is working.

In terms of the representation of women in parliament, Slovenia will now climb from the 80th place to 18th in the international ranking.

Only eight European countries have higher shares of women MPs than Slovenia, most of whom are North European countries, where the share of women in parliament is traditionally high, the office said.

The goal for the future will be a 40% or higher representation of women, according to the office. Namely, this is the share that has been found to actually influence the selection of topics discussed by politics.

According to unofficial results of Sunday's poll, 28 MPs in the 90-seat National Assembly or 31% of deputies will be women in the 2011-2015 term, which is the highest share so far. This is the first election in which a 35% gender quota, introduced by law, was observed in full.

In the 2008-2011 term, the number of female MPs stood at 14, in 2004-2008 at 11, in 2000-2004 at 14, in 1996-2000 at 11 and in 1992-1996 at 13.


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