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Biometric identity cards coming


Ljubljana - Slovenia will roll out biometric identity cards in line with legislation passed by the National Assembly on Wednesday that implements an EU requirement that all member states should start issuing biometric identity cards by August 2021.

Under the amendments to the act on identity cards, the new card will have a chip containing images of two fingerprints and a photo of the holder.

The biometric data on the chip can only be used to verify the authenticity of the card, or the identity of the holder when they cross the border.

Since the EU regulation makes it possible to use identity cards as a means of electronic identification, the new cards will contain electronic identification and a digital signature certificate.

The card will be merely the medium for these features, their practical use will be determined by the Public Administration Ministry in a separate law.

Deputy groups welcomed the legislation as a step forward in digitalisation, noting that it will be more versatile and will facilitate e-government and e-commerce services.

Slovenia has had biometric passports since 2006 and the main features of the amendments follow the provisions of the act on passports.


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