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Dončić appearing as starter in NBA All-Star Game second time


Atlanta - Luka Dončić appeared in the NBA All-Star Game as a starter for a second time in his career in Atlanta on Sunday, having become the third pick of LeBron James, the team captain for the Western Conference.

With the tip-off at 2am Monday CET, the game followed the same format as last year. The teams competed to win each quarter, with the winner to allocate the bulk of the $2.5 million in charity donations to select institutions.

The 22-year-old Slovenian Dallas Mavericks' guard first appeared in the skills challenge at 11pm CET, followed by the 3-point contest at half an hour past midnight. At half time of the game, there was a slam dunk contest.

Apart from Dončić, LeBron James's starting five also featureed Giannis Antetokounmpo (Milwaukee), Stephen Curry (Golden State) and Nikola Jokić (Denver). Dončić won the fourth highest number of votes from the fans in the Western Conference.

Other members of the team were Jaylen Brown (Boston), Paul George (LA Clippers), Rudy Gobert (Utah), Chris Paul (Phoenix), Domantas Sabonis (Indiana), Ben Simmons (Philadelphia) and Damian Lillard (Portland).

Brooklyn Nets' Kevin Durant, who scored most points in the Eastern Conference, was not playing due to an injury, but he has picked his team, to comprise Jayson Tatum (Boston) as his substitute along with starters Bradley Beal (Washington), Kyrie Irving (Brooklyn), Kawhi Leonard (LA Clippers) and Joel Embiid (Philadelphia).

The other members of Durant's team were James Harden (Brooklyn), Zach LaVine (Chicago), Donovan Mitchell (Utah), Julius Randle (New York), Nikola Vučević (Orlando), Zion Williamson (New Orleans) and Mike Conley (Utah).


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