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Officials pledge continued efforts to achieve gender equality


Ljubljana - Slovenia's most senior officials called for continued efforts to improve gender equality on International Women's Day, praising women's contribution to the battle against Covid-19. They also noted Slovenia's comparably good gender equality record.

In a brief post on his Twitter profile, President Borut Pahor noted uncompleted efforts for equality and expressed his "special gratitude for the women's priceless contribution in coping with the Covid-19 epidemic".

Prime Minister Janez Janša also took to Twitter to say that "partly different natural roles of both genders in Slovenia are largely not an obstacle to equity and equality in society".

"We are high above #EU average," Janša said, attaching tables showing Slovenia's share of women in management and companies being 8 percentage points above EU average and the country having the fifth lowest gender pay gap in the EU in 2019.

Janša added though that "improvements are still possible and needed" in some areas.

In a congratulatory address on the occasion, National Assembly Speaker Igor Zorčič said International Women's Day would remain topical "until it is taken for granted that women's rights are human rights in a society of equals".

While most indicators show substantial improvements in the women's social status, there are still many obstacles and glass ceilings hanging over them, Zorčič said, calling for systemic changes to allow women full and equal involvement at all levels of social life.

He wished for there being no need for talk of so-called women professions or women quotas and that women would be paid as much as men for equal work and that women would in fact become socially empowered.

The Foreign Ministry, in a twitter post, celebrated "tremendous efforts by women & girls around the world in shaping more equal future & recovery from #COVID19", adding: "Women of the world want & deserve a future with equal rights and opportunities, free of stigma, stereotypes & violence."

Foreign Minister Anže Loigar noted that women represent 60% of Slovenia's diplomatic service and hold 40% of the highest positions at the ministry. "These figures prove that #Slovenia is an exemplary state, where women are playing an important role in diplomacy."

Other ministers and government departments noted the need to continue with the efforts for gender equality with Interior Minister Aleš Hojs noting work on prevention of violence against women and efforts for better representation of women in decision-making positions and for a balanced role of women and men in family life as some areas where improvements are needed.


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