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Telecommunications in Houlseholds


Some 76% of the respondents said they had not considered ending the contract with their fixed-lined phone, internet and television provider, while 18% said they considered ending the contract for an individual service; moreover 7% said they had thought about terminating contracts with their providers for all three services.

56% of Slovenian households use an analogue telephone line, 21% have an IP line, while 17% use an ISDN line. At least 20% of the households included in the survey are willing to switch from analogue to IP telephone services, while 52% said they would not make this change.

The telecoms incumbent Telekom Slovenije remains the biggest provider of fixed-line phones (65% of households), followed by Telemach (12%), T-2 (10%) and Amis (6%). Over two thirds of households are not thinking about cancelling their fixed-phone lines and use only mobile phones.

Telekom Slovenije is also the main provider of mobile telephony, as its Mobitel arm provides mobile services for 67% of households. It is followed by Simobil (38%) and Tusmobil (10%).

The survey found that 23% of the households surveyed have one mobile phone, 28% have two, 21% use three mobile phones, 17% have four mobile phones and 7% use five mobiles or more.

Nearly half of the respondents (48%) believe their mobile services expenses are too high; 71% said they are to stay with the same provider, while 12% said they would get a new provider.

The survey shows that some 88% of users are aware that they can keep their old phone number when switching to a different provider, however nearly two thirds have never used that possibility.

Cable TV is used by 61% of Slovenian households, followed by IP TV with 19%, terrestrial television (13%) and satellite TV (8%), showed the survey, conducted by GfK polling agency between 14 and 17 November among 503 individuals who make decisions regarding telecommunication in their household.

Telekom Slovenije is moreover the biggest provider of cable and IP TV with its Siol brand that provides TV services for 30% of Slovenia's households. Telemach is second with 28%, followed by T-2 with 13%, Elektro Turnsek (5%) and Amis (4%).

The survey also showed that 77% of Slovenia's households have access to the internet, with Telekom Slovenije as the leading provider in this segment as well (43%), followed by Telemach (17%), T-2 (16%) and Amis (10%).


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