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Ċ½erjav: No, Virant: Maybe


The executive bodies of the two parties each met on Tuesday after the initial round of coalition talks. While Virant said last week that the party was still far from a coalition, today he said that it would join Jankovic's coalition if it is treated like an equal partner.

Zerjav meanwhile said after the meeting of the party committee that the SLS will definitely not join the coalition of Jankovic's Positive Slovenia, the Social Democrats (SD) and the List of Gregor Virant.

Virant on the other hand pointed out that his party expects a coalition of the exactly same parties, with Virant's List, the SD, and the SLS functioning as counterweight to the strong Positive Slovenia.

Virant's List also expects very explicit talks on the coalition agreement, which it believes should include a precise plan of annual consolidation of public finances and how to stop Slovenia's borrowing. It should also include a clear statement by all coalition partners admitting that corruption is a problem in Slovenia.

Virant's party today adopted a set of guidelines objecting yet another capital injection from the state to NLB bank and higher taxes.

The party made it clear in the past that it would like to head the interior, justice and finance ministries. Virant said today that the party would be willing to compromise and leave the Finance Ministry to some other competent person, like economy expert Mojmir Mrak.

Touching on the austerity bill, Zerjav emphasised after the meeting the need to adopt an austerity bill before New Year - if this will not be done by the government, it will be done by deputy groups.


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