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Laura Unuk Slovenia's first woman to win International Master title in chess


Rijeka - Chess player Laura Unuk has become the first Slovenian woman to win the International Master title awarded by the international chess governing body FIDE, the second highest-ranking title in chess.

Unuk won the title by bagging a victory at the chess tournament Mediterranean Flowers in Croatia's Rijeka on Tuesday. First she won against Ivana Hreščak and then against Olga Zimino from Italy in a live rating over 2,400.

"I only needed this rating and I finally made it. I only needed the live rating to be over 2,400, but I will do my best that will also be the case on paper at the end of the tournament," said the 21-year-old student of chemistry and chemical technology, who has entered the tournament as Woman Grandmaster.

She won the Woman International Master title at the World Youth Chess Championships in Durban, South Africa, in 2014.


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