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SD says it is ready for next general election


Ljubljana - The leadership of the opposition Social Democrats (SD) closed ranks at Saturday's meeting and supported leader Tanja Fajon as the party is preparing for the next general election with the ambition to win.

Fajon said they would do everything to give the people back trust in politics and social democracy, adding the party was open to cooperation with other parties.

Speaking to the press after the meeting, which featured some 80 party members, Fajon said the SD was convinced it had an alternative to the current government.

Stressing the SD was ready for elections, Fajon said an early election would be the best solution, yet it was in Prime Minister Janez Janša's hands.

SD chief secretary Dejan Levanič said the party had recently set up its election headquarters, started compiling a list of election candidates and drafted concrete solutions for Slovenia's development.

He said the party had carried out a survey among its membership, which showed very strong support for the party leadership, foremost Fajon.

Deputy group leader Matjaž Han said the meeting showed the party was full of positive energy: "I'm more convinced by the day that the SD will win the next election, that Fajon will assume the leading role in the country."

Turning to the failed opposition-sponsored vote of no-confidence in Janša's government last month, Fajon said it was "useful", saying the SD would continue working with the other opposition parties. She said the key message of today's meeting was that as a party, the SD was opening.

Asked whether talks were under way with MPs from other parties, Han said there were no intensive talks, "but given the situation in the Pensioners' Party (DeSUS) and the Modern Centre Party (SMC), it could be expected that some would knock on the SD door", which are open to all those who share the values of social democracy.


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