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Former DeSUS head and minister Pivec founding new party


Ljubljana - Aleksandra Pivec, the former president of the Pensioner's Party (DeSUS) and agriculture minister, has made good on her announcements about forming a new party. The maiden congress of the For People movement is scheduled for Saturday in Maribor.

Pivec stepped down as agriculture minister in the Janez Janša government last October following her ousting as the leader of DeSUS due to suspected ethics breaches.

Announcing the meeting that will be held mostly via videoconference and behind closed doors, the movement said on Monday in an invitation for the media to a press statement after the congress that new and different politics was coming.

"A new political party is coming, which will provide for equal development of entire Slovenia," it said, adding that this would be done by connecting people from all Slovenian regions with respect and solidarity.

Pivec did not want to comment for the STA in detail about the plans and the party's platform, and did not mention any name out of the founding members. Under the law, at least 200 verified signatures are required for a political party to be formed.

It is believed that joining her in establishing the new party will be at least some of those who left DeSUS together with Pivec, most probably Janez Ujčič and former vice-presidents Anita Manfreda and Jelka Kolmanič.

According to the online tabloid Požareport, the congress will be moderated by Danilo Burnač, the former long-time director of the utility company Mariborski Vodovod, who used to be a municipal councillor of the Democratic Party (SDS).


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