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Food-processing chain joining forces with hospitality sector, tourism

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Ljubljana - A memorandum was signed on Tuesday to establish an inter-sector chain of the food-processing, hospitality and tourism sectors, which were hit hard by the coronavirus epidemic. The idea is to form an efficient business model for long-term strategic partnership between food and drinks suppliers, and the hospitality and tourism sectors.

The memorandum was signed by representatives of the Chamber of Agricultural and Food Companies at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GZS), the Tourism and Hospitality Chamber (TGZS), and the Hospitality and Tourism Section of the Chamber of Craft and Small Business (OZS).

Other stakeholders sharing the same interests and goals will also be able to join the memorandum striving for long-term development-oriented solutions.

The main goals of the memorandum are to preserve jobs, promote development of the hospitality sector and tourism, and local suppliers of food and beverages.

"Slovenian agricultural and food companies have been striving for years for a comprehensive system and connectivity of the entire chain from field to fork, from farmer to shops and now also from farmer to forks in a restaurant or a pub.

"We have top quality products, a lot of know-how, modern technology and strict oversight. So we know what we eat. I can say for certain that Slovenian food is truly of high quality," said Janez Rebec from the GZS's Chamber of Agricultural and Food companies, who initiated the memorandum.

Bla┼ż Cvar from the OZS's Hospitality and Tourism Section said that connectivity and cooperation were crucial for restarting the sector. This was echoed by TGZS head Fedja Pobegajlo, who said that the crisis called for additional measures to salvage the tourism sector.

The signatories of the memorandum want to offer more quality local food and beverages to domestic and foreign consumers and thus encourage local production and enhance joint promotional campaigns. A strategic taskforce is also to be set up to cooperate with ministries and other organisations in drafting of measures.


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