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Eco Fashion Makes Sense



Global society as a whole has bid farewell to an era of vapid consumerism and entered upon a time of more conscious decisions towards sustainable living in every aspect of our lives... so why not in fashion? Eco chic people everywhere know that getting more creative and resourceful is the key to flourishing in these more responsible times. One way to be both green and fashion forward is to take advantage of the reusable fashion trend. After living in Los Angeles for 10 years, I have enjoyed vintage and second hand culture and it's huge popularity, there, for some time. Utilizing these clothing resources is not only a great way to attain unique and individual style but is also responsible. Now the trend is creatively diversifying and growing more and more locally, as well.
"Eco fashion sustainability" is the vision of Marina Bučar, the fashion- loving entrepreneur who started 2nd Chance, a popular high-end clothing resale business located in Ljubljana. Marina started several years ago from her home, with fashion parties for her friends. These popular evenings attracted more and more people each time and Marina knew that developing a business from this concept was simply common sense. Marina, who studied business economics and has 9 years of marketing experience with different world-wide advertising agencies, loves the positive energy in what she does, explaining, "developing the 2nd Chance brand was a win/win concept; my suppliers get paid for the clothes they are not wearing anymore and my customers are more than happy to be able to get a good deal for quality designer clothes." 2nd Chance sells brands like Marc Jacobs, Prada, Sonia Rykiel and Missoni for a fraction of the original price. Marina says she is satisfied with her progress thus far also noting that the global financial situation nowadays gives extra value added to the brand.
And what about raising more accountable children, as well? Maja Raspopovič is on it. The former model and owner of Model Group developed Little Elephant, a gently used children's clothing business that grew out of her experience as a fashion enthusiast and mother of two. Maja states, "I have to agree with my friends that there are very few shops in Slovenia where you can purchase top fashion children's clothing at a reasonable price." As a result she launched Little Elephant, where one can find high-quality 2nd hand children's clothing, shoes and accessories for girls and boys at a deep discounts from retail. As a mother of a 5 year old myself, the idea makes perfect sense. If you have children, you know that many times for a variety of reasons, you don't make full use out of all of their clothing, and that good quality children's clothing has become increasingly expensive. Maja is proud to be able to offer the opportunity to "both dress your little ones fashionably at a reasonable price and sell the clothing your children have outgrown". As she puts it simply, "it is the sensible choice". Both Marina and Maja are joining forces and opening a 2nd Chance & Little Elephant POP UP store on Gosposvetka now in December. They are excited to be offering Christmas styling, make up, drinks and a top notch fashion athmosphere and deals for their customers, all in time for the holidays.
While businesses like 2nd Chance and Little Elephant recycle clothing, others are taking it a step further and actually redesigning recycled clothing that is not as desirable to resell. Here in Slovenia, the founders of Atelier Indevin are riding the wave of this emerging trend and have created what they describe as an institute for integration and promotion of responsible fashion. One of the founders, Eva Seljan, explains how redesigning clothes by taking quality garments that no longer serve trends due to cut or size is one way they share the idea of environmentally friendly fashion. Deeming excessive consumerism in fashion outdated and socially irresponsible, their intent is to promote the virtues of reusable fashion and to help raise awareness of the value of quality local design and dressmaking. Eager to donate to the cause, I am having one of my own vintage dresses, which is a bit too "vintage", redesigned by Atelier Indevin as I write this. Not only will I be doing the dress a greater justice than sitting in my closet, but also I will have a completely one-of-a-kind piece that is both posh and environmentally friendly. Think good karma, great style, and you have a winning combination.


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