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Resilient, competitive internal market a priority of Slovenia's EU presidency


Brussels - A resilient and competitive internal market will be a major priority of Slovenia's EU presidency, Economy Minister Zdravko Počivalšek told EU ministers in charge of consumer protection at an informal videoconference yesterday.

"Our goal is to make the internal market more resilient and competitive, with an emphasis on the development of digital and green dimensions," he was quoted as saying by the Economy Ministry.

"In collaboration with the Commission and member states, we will focus on shaping a coordinated European consumer policy targeted at improved protection of the rights of consumers and their trust, facilitation of the transfer to a circular and digital economy, and an effective battle against the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic," he said.

Slovenia will also continue negotiations on the package of digital services and the artificial intelligence proposal, which would result in lower prices for consumers, more choice and greater security.

Počivalšek presented the priorities at a session dedicated to next steps in the development of the European consumer protection policy and the New Consumer Agenda.

He said Slovenia supported a coordinated and balanced EU approach to consumer protection. The right way of achieving that is to put in place additional consumer protection solutions via the network of European consumer centres and national stakeholders, and with effective action in the event of violations.


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