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OECD worried about absence of foreign bribery prosecution in Slovenia


Ljubljana - The OECD says in a report released on Thursday that insufficient prosecution of foreign bribery in Slovenia is still a reason for concern and so are claims about political interference in law enforcement. The OECD is meanwhile happy with the protection of whistleblowers.

The OECD's working group on bribery says that ever since 1999, not a single case of foreign bribery has made it to court in Slovenia.

With the exception of law enforcement, government agencies have not detected any such bribery case, a press release from the OECD says.

The organisation is also worried about the allegations of political interference in law enforcement, foremost the National Bureau of Investigation.

Although several investigations were opened on the basis of media reports, the OECD is seriously worried about Slovenia's media not being able to report independently on allegations of foreign bribery.

The report, however, welcomes enhanced detection of suspicion of such crime, especially on the basis of media reports.

It also praises a strong legislative framework for the protection of whistleblowers and changes to the law on integrity and prevention of corruption.

The group issued several recommendations, including ones for Slovenia to intensify detection and prosecution of such crime and protect independence of law enforcement.

Law enforcement staff and judges should be additionally trained to better detect, investigate and punish bribery from abroad, while legislation in the field should be changed.


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