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Poll: Police with largest loss of public trust during epidemic


Ljubljana - University professors, teachers, municipal officials and journalists have gained the most trust of the public during the Covid-19 epidemic in Slovenia, while police officers have lost the most public trust, shows a survey by the pollster Valicon.

The survey, carried out between 26 February and 5 March on a sample of 1,032 adults, is part of the ongoing Mirror of Slovenia series that was launched in December 2012.

Valicon said on Friday as it presented the poll that the rate of trust in small Slovenian companies was up by 11 points compared to the previous measurement to 63 points to solidify them on the top of the list for organisations.

The "company or organisation in which you work" remains second on the list (44), after recording an eight-point growth, and education is third, followed by shops and retailers and large Slovenian companies.

The list of organisations with a positive rate of trust concludes with healthcare, military and police, with healthcare and police having lost some of the public trust since June 2020 - the former three and the latter six points.

Compared to November 2019, healthcare has actually gained 19 points, while the negative trend for the police continues, as their rate is down by 12 points. The rate is at 14 points, compared to the highest measured rate of 33 in 2014.

The key institutions of the executive and legislative branches of power and the Catholic Church are at the bottom of the list. The National Assembly is last with the rate of -60, which is actually a 5-point growth compared to the previous poll.

Government coalition parties have a rate of -58 (a 2-point growth) and the government a rate of -57 (a 3-point drop), and the list of institutions with a rate of below -50 concludes with the Catholic Church (-54).

The most trustworthy profession is still that of a firefighter, followed by nurses and scientists, while doctors, (small) entrepreneurs and teachers also enjoy the trust rate of above 50.

At the bottom of the list are "politicians in general", who trail government ministers, state officials, priests and company directors.


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