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Pivec returns to politics as president of new party, Our Land


Maribor - Five and a half months after resigning as the leader of the Pensioners' Party amidst an ethics scandal, Aleksandra Pivec, a former agriculture minister, has retuned as the leader of a new party, Our Land.

After months of preparations and speculations about her return to politics, she was elected party leader at a mostly online founding congress on Saturday.

The party has not revealed much about its platform except for the pledge to "connect all Slovenian lands" and pursue a policy of "forging ties, dialogue, cooperation and higher level of political culture".

In her address, Pivec said these principles would underpin the new party, which is convinced "politics must abandon ideology and return to the people".

Speaking to the press after the congress, Pivec said the party's aim was to introduce a new kind of politics that focuses on constructive solutions to the most pressing challenges.

The event was first as the founding congress of For the People, but when the curtain was raised it was revealed the party would be called Our Land.

The delegates were divided into ten-person virtual rooms to comply with restrictions on gatherings.

Some of the more prominent members include Danilo Burnač, the former director of a Maribor water utility, and two former senior DeSUS members who left the party along with Pivec, former spokesman Janez Ujčič and former vice-president Anita Manfreda.

Pivec said she was glad many who had been with her in the past had chosen to join her, for they know she has always sought to be sincere, honest and work hand in hand with the people.


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