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Beekeepers against EU lowering bee protection standards

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Ljubljana - The Slovenian Beekeeper's Association has urged the government to reject any EU proposal to lower protection standards for honey bees or other pollinators. The beekeepers fear this could happen as part of the EU's revision of guidelines on risk assessment of pesticides.

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) is reviewing the guidance on risk assessment of pesticides and bees, while the European Commission would like EU member states to provide their positions on an acceptable reduction in the size of bee families while taking into account the anticipated natural variability.

The standing committee for plants, animals, food and feed within the European Commission is meeting this week, according to the association.

"Risk modelling has shown that natural variability in bee families is larger than 7%, which is the set value in the guidelines, so EFSA wants to change it.

"This is a clear loosening of protection measures for bees and other pollinators," the association says in Monday's press release.

It thus calls on all decision-makers to reconsider their planned moves which will in its view harm not just bees but nature and society in general.

"The association thus expects and demands that Slovenia and other EU members say clearly and resolutely 'no' to any lowering of protection for bees and other pollinators."


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