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910 Millions for the IMG


Slovenia's contribution will amount to 0.61% of the total figure provided by the EU for the scheme that could be used to help eurozone countries struggling with debts, said the statement issued after the minister met in Brussels.

The scheme includes 13 eurozone countries, with Greece, Portugal, Ireland and Estonia not included.

The biggest share of the EUR 150bn will be provided by Germany (EUR 41.5bn), followed by France (EUR 31.4bn), Italy (EUR 23.48bn), Spain (EUR 14.86bn) and the Netherlands (EUR 13.61bn).

Also participating in the scheme are four EU members outside the eurozone: the Czech Republic, Denmark, Poland and Sweden.

EU finance ministers moreover called upon G20 members and other IMF members to help consolidate the fund and thus support the efforts to protect global financial stability.


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